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5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

When your business is new, it can be easy to devote all your time to growing it — at the expense of your personal life and well-being. There are simply times when your business will require more time and energy — and there is a natural give and take with our personal life. Finding the right work-life balance can be tricky — but healthy and rewarding.

Tips to Striking a Work-Life Balance

  1. Set Boundaries for Yourself

    Working around the clock may be great for the success of your business early on, but it often leads to burnout and hinders work-life balance. Consider setting work hours for yourself as if you were an employee. When you are away from work, avoid answering emails and taking calls. Something you think might be a quick task can easily spiral and take more time than you intend. Give yourself permission to turn it off in the evenings and on the weekends and give yourself a break.

  2. Make Health a Priority

    Self-care and wellness comes in many forms: It may be a day at the spa, getting a massage, eating right or getting regular exercise. It’s easy to let these things fall off your schedule when you are busy, but these forms of self-care are beneficial to more than just your physical health. Making time for these relaxation activities will help your mental health and focus. Doing these things will help you to be more productive when you are working and help you balance your work-life schedule overall.

  3. Allow Yourself to Delegate

    When you hire key people while you are building your business, share your vision with them. When they know and understand where you want to take your company, delegate some of the day-to-day operational tasks to them. They will welcome the added responsibility, and you will feel more at ease as you improve work-life balance.

  4. Have Lunch with a Friend

    Make sure to keep your friendships alive with lunch or coffee dates. Taking time once a week (or more) to maintain personal relationships is a healthy thing to do for yourself and for work-life balance. Stepping away — even briefly — can allow you to feel renewed. Feel free to highlight your business success, but don’t let “shop talk” overtake the conversation. Engage with your friend or colleague and enjoy the hour away.

  5. Learn to Say ‘No’
  6. As your business is growing, you will want to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way. But some opportunities end up taking more time than they are worth and add very little benefit to your business in the long run. If you are able to do so, having the ability to decline projects that don’t fit in with your overall business plan is the ultimate boundary you can set for yourself. Having this mindset will help you balance your time and devote resources to things that will really pay off for you in the end.

Work-life balance is a great buzzword, but many small business owners find it difficult to achieve while they are growing their business. Remember that making the choice to set boundaries for yourself could be the smartest decision you could make. Another smart decision? Choosing the right insurance for your business to protect everything you are working towards. Contact your local Farm Bureau agent with questions.

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