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5 Unique Employee Benefits to Start Offering Now

You don’t have to promise employees free lunch spreads or over-the-top incentives. What people want most is more work-life balance, including flexible work hours, work-from-home days and increased vacation. But don’t stop there. These five out-of-the-box employee benefits can help you attract top talent.

1. Concierge-Style Services

By providing concierge services to help employees manage errands, you can lessen their everyday hassles and stressors. Consider having your company cover the concierge for your employees — not the actual fees. You can also offer reimbursements for food or discounts on meal kits. This employee benefit can help your staff function more efficiently at home, so they have more time to relax and return to work recharged.

2. Non-Traditional Hours

The weekend is short. Think about extending it by compressing the workweek into four days, if possible. This may change workdays from 8 hours to 10 if a 40-hour week is your target. Or maybe you’re comfortable with a 32-hour week. If shorter weeks aren’t possible year-round, make them a seasonal treat. Giving employees half-days off on Fridays in the summer can boost morale.

3. After-Hours Email Etiquette

Technology has made flexible work hours possible. An employee can leave early for an appointment and then finish work from home. But the flipside is that technology has also turned many jobs into an always-on situation. If you have one employee working after traditional hours, others might grow frustrated with having to field emails at 10 p.m. This can be avoided if you set a company-wide email policy against after-hours requests and communication — with the exception of emergencies. Instead, encourage employees working late to schedule their emails for the next workday.

4. Employee Sabbaticals

Sabbaticals go beyond the standard employee vacation benefit, giving staff six weeks or more of PTO to recharge, travel or explore a creative pursuit. Perhaps an employee wants time to take the vacation of a lifetime, write the first draft of a book or work on their house. Sabbaticals reward long-term, loyal employees, and provide an incentive for potential employees to join your company and stick around.

5. Actual Work-Life Balance

Your employees need to see you making work-life balance a priority in your own life. This may not sound like an employee benefit, but it is. If employees notice you enjoying flexible hours, utilizing company health and wellness incentives and taking your vacation time, they’ll feel more comfortable engaging in the perks you offer. And that will lead to a happier and more productive team. 

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