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5 Ways Smart Home Technology Can Save You Money

Smart home technologies have become very popular in recent years. From thermostats that learn your habits to smart window coverings that adapt to the environment, technologies have come a long way and offer many benefits. More than just convenience, did you know smart home tech products can also save you money? Here are five money saving devices that help you reap big smart home energy savings.

5 ‘Smart’ Money Saving Devices

Power Strips & Outlets

Do you always leave things like chargers plugged into an outlet? If so, you could be unnecessarily draining power that a smart home energy saving device could help prevent. Some chargers and devices that have active standby modes use electricity even when you’re not actively using them. One option you have is to unplug these devices but that’s sometimes easier said than done. It’s easy to forget to do that and can easily become a hassle. Smart power strips and outlets can take the hassle away by automatically cutting the power when it detects devices aren’t in use. Keep in mind there are a variety of power strips. Some may include color-coded outlets for appliances that always need to stay on.  


A smart thermostat is one money saving device that will help you gain better control of your home’s temperature. If there are rooms you’re not using or times of the day you’re not at home, a smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments based on your habits. By not heating or cooling unused parts of your home you could see big energy savings.


Upgrading your home’s light bulbs to LEDs from traditional incandescent bulbs is one way to save money on lighting your home. They can use at least 75% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer.

Taking it another step further, smart lighting systems offer additional benefits. We’re all guilty of occasionally forgetting to turn off lights when we leave the room or even the house. The good news is that this smart home energy saving option can help with this costly habit.

  • Motion detecting lights automatically turn on and off lights based on movement in the room. Remembering to turn off the lights is a thing of the past with these systems.
  • Remote lighting controls allow you to control your lights from your smartphone.

Window Coverings

Window coverings like curtains and blinds might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about smart home technologies, but these products not only make opening and closing curtains and blinds easier, they can also save you money.

The Department of Energy notes 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. They have found window coverings can help reduce energy loss that happens through windows and lower heating and cooling costs.

With smart window covering systems you can easily control curtains and blinds with voice commands or by the push of a button. When programming your system, you can set it to automatically respond to the environmental aspects like the outside temperature, sunlight and time of day.


Having the perfectly green lawn your neighbors envy takes a lot of work, time and money to achieve. One way to conserve water and save money is to install smart sprinkler systems.

Money-saving smart sprinkler control systems allow you to customize and set programs based on your lawn’s needs. You can conserve water based on your lawn’s soil moisture and the weather. With these systems, you can even avoid watering your lawn when it’s raining.

Making Smart Moves

Savings — even small amounts — add up. With smart home tech devices more affordable than ever, now may be a good time to explore options for your home.

Connect with a local Farm Bureau agent to ensure your home — and everything in it — has the right protection.   

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