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Your life together begins with a promise

“For better or for worse, in sickness and in health…” Regardless of your actual wedding vows, getting married means making a promise to be together through all of life’s ups and downs. As you begin your adventure as a married couple, your Farm Bureau agent can help you set the stage for a secure financial future.

 Life insurance for a financial foundation.

Together you can do anything, including building a great life. But the loss of a spouse can mean hardship for survivors. Unless you’ve prepared. Life insurance can provide benefits while you’re living, but it is especially vital when you’re gone and your family needs help with things like the mortgage, car payments, child care and college expenses. Your needs will change with time, but with term or permanent life insurance, you can establish the foundation today that enables the life you’ve built to remain standing.

Homeowners insurance for peace of mind.

Sharing a life means sharing a home, too. Maybe you’re moving from a rental to your first home or moving into a current home and selling the other. In any situation, you want to be sure you have homeowners insurance or renters coverage to protect your assets in case of unexpected loss. It provides coverage for your home, personal property and liability for any lawsuit or claim brought against you.

Auto insurance is part of the journey.

Soon after washing the “Just Married” pronouncement off your car’s back window, you’ll want to reassess your auto insurance coverage. Because now it’s time for both of you to be covered under the same policy. And if you’re blending families with teen drivers, you’ll want to include them on your policy, too. Auto insurance provides protection against financial loss resulting from collisions, vandalism, break-ins and other situations where damage or injury may occur to you or others.

Saving for a lifetime.

As you start your life together, remember that the earlier you begin to save, the more likely you’ll be to build the nest egg to live comfortably, help with the education of your children and fund a fulfilling retirement.

Keep your documents current

It’s important to keep legal, financial and insurance documents up-to-date, and in a safe location known to family members. As your life changes, this information will need to be reviewed and changed as well. To help keep track of your personal belongings, use Farm Bureau’s Personal Journal of Wishes and Records® Update it regularly to ensure loved ones have all of your important personal information and final wishes.

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